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Let's Celebrate Easter Together - Lebanon 2016

The World Student Christian Federation - Middle East Region - and the Lebanese Ecumenical Youth Committee cordially invites you to participate in its annual Easter celebration: Let's Celebrate Easter Together!

The even will take place on Saturday, May 14th, 2016 at 4 pm. The event will be concluded by a common worship at 6pm.

Meet us at Sagesse University!

Prayer Week for the Unity of the Churches - Jordan 2016

 See Broadcast Here

Midst the Struggles, Challenges, and Experiences... Youths for a Change!

    Once again, WSCF-ME welcomes a new year and new challenges. With the onset of 2016, the Federation restarts its ongoing journey with new plans and activities to spread its fundamental principals in the region. 
Looking back on 2015, WSCF-ME extracts all lessons learnt and archives all of its achievement in one comprehensive detailed report that portrays, in addition to events, eternal memories.
    Join WSCF-ME's spirit by reviewing its Narrative Report-2015: Download



This is the era of experiences. The Church currently faces the biggest challenge as it loses its comfort midst darkened ideas. We might have forgotten that we only exist because the First Church sacrificed a lot during its time… That Church paid an expensive price for us to gain Faith and live within a Church. Our youths are currently facing n edging challenge, and this is exactly why they need guidance. The youth is the core of the Church. Either the Church overcomes its challenge and deepens its roots of Love, Faith and Liturgy, or we fall, together, in this era’s cruel abyss. This way, we deviate from the Church, and our youths become from this era and towards it, rather than being from the Church and towards it.

We emerge from the hardship of challenges and experiences so we can remain determined in our aim to build visions, suggestions, and workshops, as well as attempting to make them real and thus serving the hopes of the Church and its youths, and eventually witness for Christ in today’s world. Achieving this allows continuity and renewal of witness that the World Student Christian Federation seeks to draw in communication with the youths. All this is done with utmost humility and perservance, with the blessing of the Lord and your continuous prayers.

Elsy Wakil
WSCF-ME Regional Secretary

Beirut, Lebanon



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